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You don’t have to choose between complicated editing and beautiful photos – achieve it all in one click with my Lightroom presets.

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Your editing sessions are becoming longer than your photography sessions, and the results are far from what you intended?

With one click, you can apply settings that reduce your editing time from hours to seconds, giving you more time to shoot and less time to browse the sliders.


Are you frustrated that your photos don't capture the emotion or atmosphere you wanted to capture?

Your photos will finally become a reflection of your vision - lively, atmospheric, unforgettable. Easy, fast, without compromise


Complicated editing tools make you feel lost?

My presets will make photo editing easy and fun, even without experience! You will achieve professional results in no time, enjoying every moment of creation.


Express yourself to the fullest

Delight your audience

I will help you bring out what is most precious in your frames, accentuating their atmosphere and beauty. Let your photography become your voice!

Free up your time

Presets will allow you to edit your photos quickly and efficiently, giving you back valuable time that you can spend developing your passions and enjoying life.

Build your image

Use presets to create a consistent, recognizable style in your photos that will become your calling card in the world of photography.

Discover the potential of your photos

Hello, I'm Ada

Today I will show you that every photo is art and every color is an emotion. I will make you fall in love anew not only with photography, but also with your photographs :)

I have been working professionally in the field of social media for 10 years. On a daily basis I run a social media agency and stand behind the lens. I was one of the first in Poland to give lectures on Instagram at the largest conferences for bloggers, sharing knowledge and showing that good photos do not always require professional equipment or a unique place.

Privately a lover of winter, snowboarding shrugs, mountains, black coffee, cats and everything pistachio.

Glad to have you here!

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