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The presets you’ll find in the Merry & Bright collection will add a festive glow to your photos! They will subtly brighten frames, reduce the intensity of often problematic reds and introduce natural tones of green accents, emphasizing the uniqueness and magic of this season.

The package offered includes:

  • 70-page e-book: Lightroom: an introduction
  • 4 unique presets for Lightroom Mobile: [.dng files].
  • 3 bonus presets for even more diverse effects! [.dng files]
  • Instructions for installing and customizing presets

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Discover the magic of Christmas with the Merry & Bright collection of presets!

The presets you’ll find in this collection will add a festive glow to your photos! They will gently brighten your frames, reduce the intensity of often problematic reds and introduce natural tones of green accents, emphasizing the uniqueness and magic of this season.

Included are 4 unique mobile presets and 3 bonus presets, all designed to be installed in the Lightroom Mobile app.

Merry & Bright preset list:

Merry & Bright 01Red Velvet – will add romance and elegance to your photos. It handles Christmas reds and greens beautifully, bringing depth and subtlety to these colors while leveling out their brightness. Light pink tones add a romantic note. You’ll get the best results with properly lit photos.
Merry & Bright 02Festive Heads – is a light and pleasant preset that will gently brighten up your photos while maintaining their natural expression. Tailored to the Christmas climate, it will emphasize warm tones, adding a subtle glow. It comes in two variants: a base and a stronger brightening option for underexposed photos.
Merry & Bright 03Winter Whites – will give slightly whitened tones to your photos, creating a subtly “washed out” effect. It is perfect for photos of bright interiors, creating an atmosphere of calm and elegance. It comes in two variants: base and with higher color saturation
Merry & Bright 04Enchanted Forest – features the natural greens of the forest, deep, elegant reds and the warm light of Christmas tree lights. This preset brings a slightly muted, nostalgic mood to your photos, emphasizing the special magic of the holidays. It comes in two variants – lighter and darker.

Sample photos with the effect before and after:


What will you find in the package?

  • The 70-page E-book: Lightroom: an introduction, a guide that will introduce you to the ins and outs of using Lightroom, both the mobile and classic versions. From basic features to my proven tips and tricks. With this e-book, you’ll get the most out of my presets.
  • 4 professional presets for Lightroom Mobile: for the free mobile app, .dng file format
  • 3 bonus presets for even more varied effects!
  • Instructions for installing and customising presets: I’ll explain to you step by step how to install presets in both mobile and classic versions on your computer. I will give you tips on how to customize them for your photos. With my guidance, the whole process will be easy and enjoyable.

Additional information:

I designed these presets to be like every photographer’s best friend – always ready to go! However, keep in mind that presets are not filters and sometimes need a little help to adjust to the unique conditions of your photos. All photographs are different – taken in different places, at different times of day and with different cameras. So don’t worry if at first the preset is mismatched to your photo. The step-by-step e-book included with your order will guide you through the entire change process, showing you how to easily adjust your settings and get stunning results. With my presets and support, you’ll be able to fully express your creativity and give your photos a professional look. It’s easier than you think!

The offered presets were prepared with RAW photo processing in mind, but you can easily use them also on photos taken with your phone and saved in jpg format.

Unleash your creativity! With my presets, photo editing will become a real pleasure. Experiment with different effects and find your unique style. Make your photos tell stories and build an emotional connection with your observers.

Returns and copyrights:

Due to the fact that the products I offer are in digital form, unfortunately there are no returns.

All rights to the products are reserved, which means that it is not allowed to copy, distribute, sell, or distribute these files to third parties.


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