Everything you should know about presets

What are the presets?

Presets are sets of settings that transform your photos with one click, giving them a desired style or atmosphere. They are the perfect solution for photographers, influencers, businesses, and online creators who want to save time on editing while maintaining visual consistency in their work. You can use prepared presets or create your own, adjusting settings according to your needs and preferences.

What are presets?

Are these presets for you?

My presets are a tool that will give your photos a coherent character and allow you to better express your own creativity and emotions. They will ensure that your shots are not just photos, but stories.

I created them with those in mind who seek elegance and consistency, and also want their photos to be expressive, regardless of the level of skills or proficiency in editing.

If you lack the patience to create effects from scratch, desire to save time and energy using my experience, and want to quickly give your photos a professional look, whether you are an online creator or simply a photography enthusiast — these presets are for you.

They will help you to bring out what is most precious in your frames, emphasizing their atmosphere and beauty. Allow your photography to become your voice!


I am aware that there are many different presets on the market, but those you will find at alabasterfox.studio are the result of many years of experience, work, and experiments in search of a unique style that has accompanied me for many years. Each preset is so well-thought-out and refined that it allows you to transform a photo into a small work of art with a single click. I do not offer presets that are one-size-fits-all; each pack is designed for a specific type of photos to enable you to achieve the best effect. I believe that universality rarely stands out, and to attract attention – you need something extraordinary.

Yes, these presets are for you, whether you are just starting your journey in photography or you are already familiar with this world. They were created with people of various skill levels in mind. You don’t post actively on social media? That’s not an issue, because these presets are not exclusively for influencers! You can quickly and beautifully edit photos to enrich your portfolio, photos on your blog, website, or print a photo book with pictures of the most beautiful moments of your life. With my presets, you’ll easily achieve a beautiful, professional, and consistent look of your photos, which will make them catch the eye and touch hearts.

If you edit photos on your phone, you will need only the free version of the Lightroom Mobile app will suffice. However, if you edit photos on a computer, you will need to have the paid version of Lightroom Desktop.

No, absolutely not! Using presets is simple and enjoyable, even if you are just taking your first steps in photo editing. The e-book and video tutorial included with the purchase show step by step how to quickly and easily use presets, as well as how to navigate Lightroom’s functions. Thanks to them, some photos you will be able to improve with just one click!

Absolutely! Although I usually work with RAW files and created my presets with them in mind, in response to messages and requests from my followers, I have modified them to work well with photos taken on a phone. Let’s be honest – the most beautiful moments are rarely planned, and the best camera we have is the one we always have on hand and that is our phone :)

The diversity of products I offer means that you can easily find a package of presets suitable for your photos. However, remember that a preset is different from a filter. I have created these settings for specific photographic thematic groups, which I always clearly mention in the description of each product. Therefore, I do not recommend using a pack like Faded City for portrait photos, as they were created for urban themes, characterized by completely different colors or contrast. This does not mean that it cannot be done! If you follow the advice I have included in the e-book, you will have no trouble adjusting the presets to your photos and achieving a stunning effect.

Immediately after the successful completion of the payment process and confirmation of the transaction, a link to download the package with the e-book, presets, and other contents will be sent to your email.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the products you have purchased – write to me. I am here to help you express yourself through photography and create beautiful photos. Just send me a message, and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

What do you gain by purchasing my presets?

  • Time saving: With just one click, your photo will be transformed beyond recognition! Instead of spending hours on editing, concentrate on shooting.

  • Consistency and style: Achieve a consistent and professional look for your profile on Instagram, blog or portfolio. Stand out from the competition, increase your chances of attracting new followers and open the door to potential partnerships with brands and clients signing up for photo shoots.

  • Easy to use: I include detailed instructions with each order on how to install and use the presets, as well as how to customize them for the individual needs of your photos. Let your photographs tell stories!

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