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The presets you’ll find in the Autumn Breeze collection will help you bring out and enhance the warm autumn-gold colors in your photographs. From vivid yellows to deep oranges to rich browns, to fully reflect the autumn color palette. For full specifications of this package, as well as sample before-and-after effects, see the extensive description below.

The package offered includes:

  • 70-page e-book: Lightroom: Step by step
  • 5 professional presets for Lightroom Mobile: [dng files].
  • 5 professional presets for Lightroom Classic: [.xmp files].
  • 2 bonus presets for even more varied effects!
  • Instructions for installing and customizing presets
  • 5 wallpapers for your phone (.dng files)

The listed price includes VAT.

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The presets in the Autumn Breeze collection are designed to bring out and emphasize the warm, golden hues of autumn in your photos. The colors here are enhanced, but not overdone. They range from vibrant yellows to intense oranges to deep browns, which perfectly captures the autumn mood. The greens are subdued and the point of black is slightly raised, adding softness to the photos while maintaining depth and contrast.

What kind of photos will you charm with these presets?

If you like seasonality in your photos, and you are not indifferent to the beauty of autumn colors, this set will become your best friend! It will not deceive you when photographing nature, trees with fiery leaves, but also urban scenes where autumn colors have crept in. It will help you render a consistent, warm and eye-pleasing aesthetic. Frames fleshed out with these presets will convince even the biggest autumn skeptics!

List of Autumn Breeze presets:

Autumn Breeze 01Bright Harvest – brightens up dark photos, bringing autumn warmth and brightness
Autumn Breeze 02Faded Grace – subtly darkens, bringing calm and subdued elegance
Autumn Breeze 03Velvet Blush – introduces subtle pink tones, creating a warm and harmonious image
Autumn Breeze 04Cozy Elegance – creates a cozy and elegant finish
Autumn Breeze 05Orange Ease – brings oranges to a more subdued and calm expression

Bonus – extended variants for presets:
Autumn Breeze 02Faded Grace – in the brightening version, labeled [bright] Autumn Breeze 03Velvet Blush – in a less saturated version, labeled [muted]

The package contains: 7 presets for Lightroom Mobile and 7 presets for Lightroom Classic.

Full set contents:

  • The 70-page Lightroom e-book: an introduction
  • preset installation manual
  • 5 professional presets for Lightroom Classic [.xmp files].
  • 5 professional presets for Lightroom Mobile: [dng files].
  • 2 bonus presets for even more varied effects!
  • 5 wallpapers for your phone (.dng files)
pages of Lightroom e-book
presets for your computer
presets for your phone
bonus presets
wallpapers for your phone

Presets are sets of settings that transform your photos with a single click, giving them the desired style or atmosphere. They are ideal for photographers, influencers, businesses and online creators who want to save time on editing while achieving a beautiful and consistent look for their photos.

I created these presets with those in mind who are looking for elegance and consistency and want their photos to be expressive, regardless of skill level or editing proficiency. They will help you bring out what is most precious in your frames, accentuating their atmosphere and beauty. To use my presets, all you need to do is install the free photo editing app: Lightroom Mobile.


Most common questions:

Yes, these presets are for you, whether you are just starting out in photography or already turning heads in this world. They were created for people at different levels of expertise. My presets will help you quickly achieve a beautiful, professional and consistent look for your photos that will attract attention and stir emotions!

Of course! You don’t need a professional camera to use my presets, as they work on both phone and camera (RAW) photos.

If you are processing photos on your phone, the free version of Lightroom Mobile will suffice. However, if you are processing photos on a computer, you will need the paid version of Lightroom Desktop.

It’s insanely easy! The manual, included with your purchase, will easily explain to you how to install presets so you can use them right away. Thanks to this, you will be able to improve many photographs even with just one click!

The variety of products I offer makes it easy to find a pack of presets suitable for your photos. Keep in mind, however, that presets are not filters for photos, and sometimes you’ll have to adjust a few sliders to get them right for your photos (such as brightness or temperature). If you follow my tips, which I’ve included in the e-book that comes with each package, you can easily match the presets to your photos and get a satisfactory result, and very often all it takes is one click! :)

Immediately after successful completion of the payment process and confirmation of the transaction, a link to download the package with the e-book, presets and other content will be sent to your e-mail. If the e-mail did not arrive after the transaction was correctly finalized, check your “spam” folder.

Additional information:

I designed these presets to be like every photographer’s best friend – always ready to go! However, remember that presets are not filters and sometimes they need a little help to adjust to the unique conditions of your photos. All photographs are different – taken in different places, at different times of day and with different cameras. So don’t worry if at first the preset is mismatched to your photo. The step-by-step e-book included with your order will guide you through the entire change process, showing you how to easily adjust your settings and get stunning results. With my presets and support, you’ll be able to fully express your creativity and give your photos a professional look. It’s easier than you think!

Returns and copyrights:

Due to the fact that the products I offer are in digital form, unfortunately it is not possible to return them.

All rights to the products are reserved, which means that it is not allowed to copy, distribute, sell, or distribute these files to third parties.


Do you have questions about presets?

Write to me: contact form :)


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