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Bundle: Faded City


The presets you’ll find in the Faded City collection will subtly fade out the colors, giving your photos a warm, nostalgic feel. You can find the full specifications of this package in the comprehensive description below.

The package includes:

  • 70-page e-book: Getting Started in Lightroom
  • 7 professional presets for Lightroom Mobile: [dng files].
  • 7 professional presets for Lightroom Classic: [.xmp files].
  • 5 bonus presets for even more varied effects!
  • Instructions for installing and customising presets
  • 5 wallpapers for your phone (.dng files)


The listed price includes VAT.

The presets you’ll find in the Faded City collection subtly put out colors, giving your photos a warm, nostalgic feel. The point of black has been lightened, while maintaining a clear contrast, and if you look closely, you’ll find a slight hint of romance in the background, in the form of pink tones, very gently introduced. These settings will work well with the palette of browns, beiges, reds and greens, which have been heavily toned down here. So if you often photograph outdoors, especially old town architecture, atmospheric narrow streets, but also in nature, you’ll like this set. I often use them in my Instagram Stories, wanting to inject a nostalgic mood into the urban landscape.


List of Faded City presets:

Faded City 01 – Essential Clarity – lends subtle clarity and brightness to images, enhancing their natural beauty
Faded City 02 – Timeless Sepia – gently wraps images in warm, classic tones
Faded City 03 – Rosy Romance – enchants photos with romantic pink, adding a poetic touch to them
Faded City 04 – Dreamy Rose – gives photos a faded elegance with delicate touches of pink
Faded City 05 – Dark Mood – gives photos a mysterious mood with softly cool and faded colors
Faded City 06 – Cozy Corner – evokes the warmth of quaint small-town corners
Faded City 07 – Gentle Haze – imparts a gentle haze, subtly illuminating shadows and highlighting details without disturbing the natural balance of the photo

Presets: 03, 04, 06 and 07 include bonus extensions for an even more diverse effect and come in two variants, and Rosy Romance in as many as three!

In the pack you will find a total of 12 presets for Lightroom Mobile and 12 presets for Lightroom Classic.

Full contents of the set


pages of Lightroom e-book


presets for your phone


presets for the computer


Bonus presets

What are the presets?

Presets are sets of settings that transform your photos with a single click, giving them the desired style or atmosphere. They are ideal for photographers, influencers, businesses and online creators who want to save time on editing while getting a beautiful and consistent look for their photos.

I created these presets with those in mind who are looking for elegance and consistency and want their photos to be expressive, regardless of skill level or editing proficiency. They will help you bring out the most precious things in your frames, accentuating their atmosphere and beauty. To use them, all you need to do is install the free Lightroom Mobile app.



I’m aware that there are a lot of different presets on the market, but the ones you’ll find here are the result of years of my experience and testing, but most of all my passion for finding a unique style, which has been with me for years. Each preset is thoughtfully and carefully crafted to allow you to transform your photos into small works of art with a single click!

Yes, these presets are for you, whether you are just starting out in photography or already turning heads in this world. They were created for people at different levels of expertise. My presets will help you quickly achieve a beautiful, professional and consistent look for your photos that will attract attention and stir emotions!

If you are processing photos on your phone, the free version of Lightroom Mobile will suffice. However, if you are processing photos on a computer, you will need the paid version of Lightroom Desktop.

It’s insanely easy! The manual, included with your purchase, will easily explain to you how to install presets so you can use them right away. Thanks to this, you will be able to improve many photographs even with just one click!

Yes, you can use these presets not only to edit photos, but also videos! This is possible in the Lightroom Mobile app, but only in the extended, paid version (the monthly cost of such an extension is PLN 9.99 / month – as of January 2024, according to Adobe’s price list).

Of course! You don’t need a professional camera to use my presets, as they work on both phone and camera (RAW) photos.

Różnorodność oferowanych przeze mnie presetów sprawia, że z łatwością znajdziesz zestaw odpowiedni dla swoich zdjęć. Pamiętaj jednak, że presety to nie filtry i czasem trzeba będzie przestawić kilka suwaków, aby dobrze dopasować je do swoich fotografii (np. jasność, czy temperaturę). Jeżeli zastosujesz się do moich porad, które zamieściłam w e-booku dołączonym do każdego pakietu, bez trudu dopasujesz presety do swoich zdjęć i uzyskasz piękny efekt. Bardzo często wystarczy Ci do tego tylko jedno kliknięcie! :)

Immediately after successful completion of the payment process and confirmation of the transaction.A link to download the package with the e-book, presets and other content will be sent to your e-mail. If the e-mail did not arrive after the transaction was correctly finalized, check your “spam” folder.

If you have any questions or concerns about the products you purchased – write to me. I am here to help you express yourself through photography and create beautiful pictures :)

Other information

I designed these presets to be like every photographer’s best friend – always ready to go! However, remember that presets are not filters and sometimes they need a little help to adjust to the unique conditions of your photos. So don’t worry if the preset doesn’t perfectly match your photo at first. The step-by-step e-book included with your order will guide you through the entire alteration process, showing you how easy it is to adjust your settings and get stunning results. With my presets and support, you’ll be able to fully express your creativity and give your photos a professional look. It’s easier than you think!

Returns and copyrights

Due to the fact that the products I offer are in digital form, unfortunately it is not possible to return them.

All rights to the products are reserved, which means that it is not allowed to copy, distribute, sell, or distribute these files to third parties.


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